Shimao Riverfront Wisdom Towers Selected for 2023 RIBA China Landmark 100-Urban Complex


Shimao Riverfront Wisdom Towers was selected for the 2023 RIBA China Landmark 100-Urban Complex by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) on November 7th. This recognition follows its previous achievement of the CTBUH Award of Excellence Winner in the Best Tall Building, Asia. This project stands as another international honor and showcases the studio's strength in translating concepts into reality in the field of super-tall buildings and urban complexes.



About RIBA China Landmarks 100


China Landmark 100 aims to showcase a comprehensive RIBA atlas of Chinese urban landmarks and explore architects’ avant-garde ideas and practical insights. It advocates for excellence in architectural design based on urban context in the global construction industry, and simultaneously builds a future-oriented contemporary urban image.



Unlike conventional commercial high-density mixed-use developments, this project optimizes public open space. Shimao Riverfront Wisdom Towers is envisioned as a significant urban gateway, standing quietly on the banks of the Qiantang River with a restrained elegance and open posture, responding to local cultural characteristics of the city.