EID Arch Won the 2024 Architizer A+Awards


Architizer, the world’s leading online platform for architecture, revealed the winners of the 12th Annual A+Awards recently. The Panda Pavilions has been recognized as the Jury Winner in the Sustainable Cultural Building category. Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch also received a Special Mention in the Best Medium Firm category.



As the highest honor for this category of professional jury, the design of the panda pavilions concerns with the integration of human experience, architecture and environment. It is intended as a convergence of architecture, landscape and land art. While the project provides a pedestrian friendly navigation experience for the visitors, it prioritizes an animal-friendly environment to minimize the alienation of ecology, promoting biodiversity conservation. In its 12th season, the firm category award aims to showcase the creative force driving industry development. Following the Special Mention for Best of the Year-Asia by Architizer A+ in 2021, this is another honor for the studio. It represents not only high recognition from professional judges and the media for the studio's design practices, but also affirmation for innovative and excellent architectural practices in a global context.




Jury Comments


“it is clear that we know how to design and build “high performing buildings” that reduce energy use, supply on site renewable energy, reuse water, etc. The projects that intrigued me were doing those things while innovating materially with new or old materials intended to be lower carbon ways of constructing.”

- Juror Jim Hanford


“number of projects that specifically called out their embodied emissions interventions, as well as [an] increased prevalence of mass timber construction in diverse regions across the globe.”

- Juror Erin McDade