Location: Guangzhou, China

Client:  Times China

Time: 2018-2022

Gross Floor Area: 98,982 sq m

Type: Mixed-use, Office, Retail, Culture

Architect: EID Architecture

Design Principal: Ping Jiang, FAIA

Design Team: Michelle Bao, Sean Lu, Xiaohai Lin, Kai Ding, Mingwei Shen, Michael Morgan, Feng Zhao, Ben Xie, Jin Meng, Wenjia Wang, Wei Xu, Kailin Sun, Siyuan Zhang, Chunru Xia, Zhonghan Tan, Yixuan Cheng, Xiaohui Tang, Yinzi Jiangche, Fangzi He, Di Fan, Chendi He


LDI/MEP/Structural Engineer: Janson Xian Architect+Associates/Guangzhou Hanhua Architects+Engineers Co., Ltd.

Curtain Wall Consultant:Guangzhou TEC Architectural Technology Co.,Ltd

Landscape Consultant: Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited

Interior Consultant: C&C DESIGN Co., Ltd.(office) / DU Studio(Retail)/ Shenzhen Jayen Creative Design Co., Ltd (Retail)

Lighting Consultant:brandston partnership inc.


Times Guangzhou E-PARK Phase II is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. Times E-PARK occu-pies a total GFA of approximately 210,000 ㎡, of which Phase II takes 100,000 ㎡. Phase II consists 70,000 ㎡ of 3 office buildings, 27,000 ㎡ of boutique lifestyle center - CR8, and 4,000 ㎡ of outdoor garden-style social gathering space. The project aims to create an innova-tive business park with extraordinary community experience as well. It builds a new urban three-dimensional area connecting nature and humanity, business and leisure.


EID Arch reconfig-ured Phase II based on the original planning framework of Times E-PARK. The design aims to create an urban hybrid integrating office, commercial, cultural, social and other diversified func-tions and sceneries. Times Guangzhou E-PARK Phase II supplemented and optimized the urban functions, which meet the industrial park’s needs of innovation and iteration, reshape the urban public space, and regenerate the community vitality.


The main office space is composed of three business buildings with staggered layout. The subtle layout of horizontal movements creates plain and neat facade. The modern urban space recalls the traditional arcade-house typology, that reminds people the historical memory in this ev-er-changing modern urban life. The elevation of the higher portion follows the basic pattern of the original master plan of Phase I. With various facade design and abundant geometrical-block design languages, the lower area has become an urban open plaza integrating publicity, exhibi-tion and commerce. The combination of high and low zones in this project creates a rich layered and dynamic urban interface.


EID Arch actively explored the new paradigm of urban mixed-use and inserts a boutique community commercial space (CR8) on the basis of Phase II business park, that aiming to create a "New Gathering Place for Art". The combination of the commercial center and the natural landscape creates a shopping-in-hanging-garden experience for the fast-paced urban life, that forms a series of iconic social destinations.


The urban interface and part of the office tower is interleaved. This project practiced with diver-sified materials, scales, and staggered forms. The Times Cloud Theater as well as other functions are connected with precise gap on the facade, which constantly enrich the commercial interface, and vividly deduce the traditional space characteristics of Guangzhou arcade-house. In Times Guangzhou E-PARK Phase II, the distinctive but inclusive spirit of local culture have been fully reflected. Meanwhile, the project has established a new benchmark and a civic public space with a sense of belonging.

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