Location: Wenzhou, China

Design Principal: Ping Jiang, AIA

Client: Wenzhou Aomao Construction and Development Co., LTD

Gross Floor Area: 5,604 sq m

Type: culture

Design Team:

Michelle Bao, Sean Lu, Xiaohai Lin


Located at Aojiang international new town, a booming new area in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Aojiang Community Cultural Center is an important cultural infrastructure that aims to meet the diverse needs of a range of community activities by the spatial flexibility, including the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lab, the Community Center, and the Education Center.


Attaching importance to the cultural and natural characteristics of the city, ACCC provides a catalyst for fostering a lively neighborhood. It reflects the ethos of city Aojiang by integrating contemporary design with cultural attributes. As a town with fascinating landscape, Aojiang is surrounding by gentle hills. By subtly connecting the architecture and surrounding plots, the ACCC strives to achieve the integration of architecture and terrain landscape as a piece of artwork born from the environment. Meanwhile, the porous cavity space echoes the character of banyan tree supported by many strong trunks, which brings a unique spatial experience.


City Aojiang is also known for its intangible cultural heritage, such as dragon dance, calligraphy, paper cutting, and Chinese lantern, etc. In order to establish the bonds with local culture, the cultural museum is divided into three functional parts: Intangible Cultural Heritage Lab - introducing VR interactive technology; Community Center - providing activity space for the elderly; Education Center - offering intangible cultural heritage courses such as calligraphy and lantern making. This design adopts the space prototype of upper, middle and lower floors to meet the needs of three functions respectively.

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