Location: Lingang New City, Shanghai, China

Client: Shanghai Zhangjiang Lingang Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Time: 2017

Gross Floor Area: 41,458 sq m

Type: Office, Hospitality, Commercial

Architect: EID Architecture

Design Pricipal: Ping Jiang, FAIA

Design Team: Ma Yunpeng, Lu Xinyi, Gong Yun, He Chendi


In coherent with the current master planning for Lingang new city, the design is conceived as a series of vertically stacked courtyards, consisted of headquarter/ office, boutique hotel and its facilities. It provides a new paradigm of office building configuration as a flexible framework, which contains a diversified spaces for different user groups responding to the change of leasing market.


For the sake of optimizing buildings orientation, whilst maximizing views towards the Dishui Lake and adjacent park, an outdoor pedestrian walkway that wraps around the podium and office building is the highlight of the design. Navigating through the footpath connects and engages pedestrians, tenants and guests with the roof terraces and indoor atriums, ranging from corporate headquarter at upper levels, leasing office space to co-working spaces at lower levels.


The layout of the office building centers on an atrium, which also serves as a vertical light shaft, stimulating to nature ventilation through the chimney effect. In contrast to the weighty office building, the hotel appears as a light filled glass volume. The interplay of solidity and lightness forms a tension that derived from the balance between rational logic and natural elements, which shaping an identifiable presence in the district.


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