EID Arch Projects are Collected by Architect Model Museum



Recently, with the invitation of the Architect Model Museum, two works from EID Arch, The Panda Pavilions and LAND Community Center have been permanently collected. As the first model museum in China, the Architect Model Museum try to create the concept of Future City by digital display techniques. The museum aims to outline the map of contemporary Chinese architecture in physical models. Buildings of different places and scales are juxtaposed in the same space, becoming a window for recording, observing, and thinking from a multi-dimensional perspective.




The design works selected and evaluated by the Academic Committee of the Architect Model Museum. The collection in the museum includes hundreds of design works such as Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando-Dream Chair, Shu Wang-Taihu House, Yansong Ma-Hutong Bubble 32, etc.