Aojiang Community Cultural Center Has Won 2022 AIA International Design Awards


Aojiang Community Cultural Center has been awarded the Commendation for Unbuilt at the 2022 AIA International Design Awards annual ceremony in London, organized by the AIA International Region. As AIA's largest chapter in the world, the AIA International Region encompasses all areas outside of the United States. The AIA International Design Awards recognize best practices, innovative thinking, and design excellence of AIA members' projects.




Aojiang Community Cultural Center (ACCC) is intended as an important cultural venue that aims to meet the diverse needs of a range of community activities by offering the spatial flexibility, including the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lab, the Community Center, and the Education Center. By subtly connecting the architecture and surrounding urban blocks, the ACCC strives to achieve the integration of architecture and the gently sloping landscape as if a piece of artwork emerging from the environment. Embracing the cultural significance and natural characteristics of the city, ACCC provides a catalyst for fostering a lively neighborhood. It reflects the ethos of city Aojiang by integrating contemporary design with cultural attributes.